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We know our kids will have screen time, let's also know how to balance that with healthy habits. 

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Hi, I'm Rebecca. I'm a Registered Dietitian, a wife, and mom of 2 young gamers. While I certainly know we can create healthy habits at any age, I believe that starting young helps set a stage for success in adulthood. As a mom, I also know that the idea of limiting screen time has become almost non-existent for many as the roles of technology play greater parts in our lives. Speaking of play, we also know kids love playing video games (even more screen time) and while we do TRY to push them to do other things (sometimes), many kids will still enjoy unwinding from their own stressors by leveling up and who can blame them? Gaming is fun. My goal is not to end game time completely, but to use it to help form healthy habits to create a balance between the love of the game, the food on our plates, and enjoying all that life has to offer beyond the screen.  

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