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Places to Find Evidenced Based Information

        As I have said, there is ALOT of information out there on nutrition. It's important to look into where the information comes from before deciding to incorporate that advice into your life. While I offer plenty of professional OPINION and ADVICE on my blog, if and when I use specific information about research and science I will work my very hardest to use and provide the evidenced-based information from which these opinions and advice came from. Like all else in this world, science will continue to march on and as a dedicated and professional Registered Dietitian, it is my duty to follow the science and work to be a nutritional liaison to you in understanding it, especially as things can sometimes change quickly as we learn more everyday and fads come and go each year. While it is easy to go down rabbit holes while searching the internet, it is my goal lead you away from bogus internet nonsense and point to more positive influences. Below are a few of my favorite websites for basic nutrition information from solid sources. : As a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website, I would be doing everyone a disservice by not mentioning this place to go for evidenced based information : This is the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) site that offers TONS of information on how to follow basic nutritional guidelines for everyone from infants to adults using MyPlate : This is a place where you can search and read published research on your own. Not all the research papers on here are free, making some papers a bit inaccessible and you might not get everything, but it's a good place to start


If you'd rather listen than read try this:

Sound Bites® Podcast by Melissa Joy Dobbins, The Guilt Free RD® at 

Or found on most listening platforms.

And don't forget about our podcast, Playing With Food-Eat.Play.Balance.  We discuss nutrition in a way that hopefully provides not only entertainment for the kids, but nutrition knowledge as well. 

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