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Terms and Conditions:

This website is owned and operated by Playing With Food Eat. Play. Balance. LLC. through and may be subject to any policies, disclaimers, or terms and conditions set forth by Wix. com. For more information on their terms and conditions, please go to  The following terms and conditions set forth the terms and condition under which you may use our website and utilize social media provided by us. We are providing education, opinion, and resources in an entertainment fashion on nutrition and knowledge of gaming.

By accessing our website and social media you agree that we are not liable for your interpretation, use, and/or application of the content of this website and our social media and that the information is not to be constituted as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of anyone. By accessing our website and related social media, you agree that you are over age 13, or have parent or guardian permission. By accessing our website and related social media you also agree that should you choose to utilize the professional opinions and/or information provided that it is understood that this does not form or constitute for any kind of patient relationship or otherwise between the user and Playing With Food. Eat. Play. Balance. LLC. or Rebecca Zaborowski and that it will not be treated as such.  

By clicking on any resources provided, you agree you have chosen to do so and are leaving our site and that any information thereafter is not a part of Playing With Food. Eat. Play. Balance. LLC.  and therefore you may be subject to any policies, disclaimers, or terms of conditions set forth by those sources.  

We reserve the right to remove any comments posted and any perceived harassment, spam, bullying, threats, or inappropriate content or language will not be accepted and may be subject to criminal charges if necessary as we also reserve the right to report any perceived violations to law enforcement and authorities. By reading and/or posting comments, you agree that Playing With Food. Eat. Play. Balance. LLC. is not liable for your comments or the comments posted by others. 


Changes to this Statement

Playing With Food reserves the right to change our Terms and Conditions from time to time to maintain any compliance with new policies and/or ensure safety of  users and the creator of this site. 

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