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Find Out More about Your Food

Episode 1: Minecraft and Carrots:

A guide to carrots:

Episode 2: Minecraft and Salmon

More about the benefits of salmon:               Spoiler, yes! Read for more details.

Episode 3: Minecraft, potions, stews, and mushrooms 

Types, ideas, and information at:

Episode 4: Pokémon and Raspberries

Recipes and ideas:

Episode 5: Pokémon and Pineapple

Recipes and ideas:

How to cut a pineapple:

Episode 6: What is Eat, Play, Balance?

For more ideas about healthy eating and fitness try:

Episode 7: Pokémon and Bananas

For recipes to eat (or use up uneaten bananas) try:

Episode 8: International Tabletop Day- June 1st

For more on International Tabletop Day  go to:

Added Sugars go to:

For more ideas for healthy snacks and meals, check out our Pinterest Page

Episode 9: The Many Versions of Mario and Our Many Tastes

We talked about the different types of taste, but if you'd like to learn more about how we perceive taste, try this amazing and very interesting podcast episode by another fun and kid friendly podcast called brains on! at 

Episode 10: Mario and Nutrition Labels

For more information on Nutrition labels try these informative sites:

Episode 11: Mario and Whole Grains

To learn more about whole grains and to find some delicious ideas for meals try these sites:

Episode 12: Lego Harry Potter and Protein

To get more information on what protein does for us, try this fun video:

What are Proteins?- Healthy Eating For Kids

If you're not into meat, no worries, try going here for more ideas for some

non-meat proteins

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